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CoffeExfo is an effective exfoliating coffee soap for the skin dead feet, remove stubborn dirt, or neutralize intense odors.


The coffee comes from fair trade, and like all the ingredients in this soap, it is organic! This soap can be used on the body, but beware of the pressure you exert on more sensitive skin!



for coffee lovers;

for my friends in construction, who particularly appreciate it for cleaning the accidents of "nasty stuff" on the skin that want not leave, like paint, plaster, or even acoustics! ;

for those who love garlic, but avoid to cook with because it smells too much on the fingers after having cut it, will undoubtedly appreciate this soap which will leave your hands clean, clean and without unpleasant odors;

for gardeners, who tend to find their hands full of soil...

CoffeExfo, for you!




♡ with love

♂♀ Unisex


  • Ingredients

    Organic and fair trade coffee, cold saponified organic/fairtrade shea butter and oils, organic/fairtrade coconut, organic castor oil and organic Quebec beeswax

  • Maintenance / Use

    Dry the soap well between each use to prevent the oils from degrading prematurely, and thus achieve a longer life.

  • Precautions

    He can be  good to do a skin test first to see how the skin will react. 

    Although all natural, be sure to read all the ingredients in case you present  allergies.

  • Delivery

    Local areas... SPECIAL PRICES  ( see more ) shipping.

    EVERYWHERE: FREE delivery for all orders of $75 or more.

    Consult the section  " Delivery "  to know everything about shipping, delivery costs and deadlines.

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