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About me...

Hello everyone!

I am a soap maker passionate about nature, my name is Marika and I am from Quebec.  

Savon avec Amour is a project close to my heart. I am interested in ayurveda, aromatherapy and herbalism. I study plants and their properties in order to perfect my work and be able to offer quality in my products.

I like to take care of the people around me.  

My creative side and my scientific side marry wonderfully and allow me to flourish in the Art of Soapmaking.

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Our philosophy

Our Mission

Savon avec Amour's mission is to make women and men discover the Earth terroir and its potential through quality natural products, inspired by nature, respecting it to maintain our relation with it.

"I tried your "T'es des bois" soap and I loved it! I'll get you back for sure!  »

samuel m.  (Cantley, Quebec)

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