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Our Health = Health of the Earth

Soap With Love launches an invitation to work together to protect biological diversity.

We are asking for your help to fund the project.  "  With love for biodiversity!  

There are different ways to help us. You can...

1. OFFER a donation (via the form at the bottom of the page)  

Even a very small sum can make a difference in improving a "disadvantaged" natural place.

To thank you for encouraging the conservation of biodiversity, we offer you small symbolic gifts from certain sums:  

** Each person who donates (as little as $2.00 up to $100.00), will receive this summer the photo of a plant sown with an intention especially for them, and will have the option of coming to harvest it at the Soap Garden with love  if she wishes, or to give it back to Gaia, the Earth, as an offering.


- Donate $25.00   --->  Receive various green manure seeds.

- Donate $50.00   --->  Receive seeds of green manures and various flowers

- Donate $75.00   --->  Receive seeds of green manures, flowers and various vegetable gardens 

- Donate $100.00 --->  Receive  seeds of green manures, flowers  and  various vegetable gardens +  herbal teas (of leaves / flowers / and roots)  and responsibly picked wild spices!

2. ORDER  on our online store:  all profits raised during the month of April and the month of May until the will be used for the project  “With love for biodiversity”! ;

3. SHARE  the link of this page, it's free!   Unity is strength; together, we can achieve extraordinary things and contribute to a better future. 

Sow green manures!

+ Protects the floor from sun, wind and  bad weather (prevents erosion, leaching and drying out)

+ Improves soil quality and structure

+ Source of organic matter

Sow flowers!

+ Favor the habitat of insects (pollinators) such as bees, butterflies or ladybugs

+ Share with us their therapeutic virtues

+ Offers such a pleasant visual,  they are so gorgeous!

To plant trees!

+ Provide benefits to soil, plants, fungi and animals

Mulch growing areas!

+ Insulates against cold/heat

+ Nourishes the soil  

+ Protects the soil against the rain which compacts it

+ Limits the appearance of spontaneous weeds

+ Retain moisture (water) in the soil.

Invite wildlife!

+ Build birdhouses

+ Insects play an important role in soil biodiversity: they bring life to the soil and perform soil aeration functions

Collect rainwater!

+ Manage water consumption (limit damage in times of drought)

+ Avoid waste

With love for biodiversity

Support the project
“With love for biodiversity! »

Nature, the greatest gift.




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David Attenborough    
British science writer, writer and naturalist

It seems to me that the natural world is the main source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living.

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