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Doshas in Ayurveda

When we go back to the etymology of the word "Ayurveda", we see that this word literally means "science of life". By taking an interest in this traditional medicine, we quickly notice that this approach to health is based on the three simple principles of imbalances: the doshas.

The three doshas, ​​Vata, Pitta and Kaphas, are each represented by two elements.

Vata : Air + Ether = Mouvement |

Pitta : Fire + Water = Transformation |

Kapha : Water + Earth = Preservation |

The three principles apply to everyone in different proportions, but it is common to have one (or two) dominant dosha(s) which influence more or less our unique constitution, and therefore our balance.

Our individual constitution, "Prakriti", our nature, does not change.

Our state, on the other hand, is changeable and it is this aspect that is called "Vikriti".

I really like the Ayurveda approach, which allows me to observe health as a whole and from its different angles (physical, mental, emotional...) without labeling, and thus giving me freedom and power to discover to the source of the problem.

Self-knowledge is essential when you want to heal your imbalances in order to be healthier. This is why I have put together a short questionnaire to perhaps enlighten you on a little about the dosha most present in you, which could undoubtedly help you to know more about which natural products and ingredients to integrate into YOUR rhythm of life, according to YOUR constitution.

Click on the "My dominant Dosha" button to answer the questionnaire, and write me your result on Savon avec Amour's Facebook or Instagram messenger:

The questionnaire is currently only in french, but if you would like to have it in english, please write it in the comments I will assure to get this traduced for you in a reasonable delay.

The goal is to take an interest in health, and above all to have fun!

If you want to know more and dig into your dominant dosha(s), don't hesitate to write to me in the comments or in a private message, I'm completely passionate about it! And if you're interested about the subject, I'll get you more articles on Ayurveda and other ancestral medicines.

Thank you for reading me & sticking up with me <3

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